Makerere University Naming Policy

Makerere University has nurtured strong bonds with philanthropists, development partners and alumni over the years, who are committed to contributing to the University's mission, seeing the University continue to flourish, deepening its impact and accelerating the public good that its work begets. As philanthropy plays an increasingly important role in realising the University's strategic goals and ambitions, the University has a strong interest in seeking to recognize donor generosity through the naming of academic posts, scholarships, buildings, facilities and other areas of activity. This will enable the University to demonstrate its close association with those who choose to prioritise its vision and mission through their philanthropic generosity. While each case will be treated on its merits, in compliance with this policy, the University will strive whenever possible to ensure that naming across its campuses reflect the diverse nature and backgrounds of those individuals with whom it enjoys a close current and/or historical association.